HGR FIREARMS INSTRUCTION - CARRY PERMIT Classes, NRA Instructor Training Available
    The search for a quality instructors and a great school can be frustrating. Here is a list of questions to ask the potential instructors. Each is answered with our policy or thoughts. Good Luck, and if you have any other questions please contact us. Thanks !
1.  The State Carry Permit requires 8 hours. If you are in / out in less 
       time with then you cheated yourself, and YOU'RE NOT LEGAL.
Sadly, most schools take your money, and teach a 5 hour class/range and 
       send you out the door, with the false promise you met the State 
       Requirements.   Ask them when class starts and what time you will leave.  Do
       the math, 8 hours is the required minimum length, most schools have lots of
       students per class, so how can they possibly get done so quick without taking
       short cuts.
2.  The State recommends the school give you NRA Basic Pistol Text   
      Book,Pamphets on Safety Rules, Gun Parts, Use Dummy Ammo to load,       unload, and clear assorted handguns.  
Most Schools don't, because of the cost of  those supplies.  Most have wall 
     charts, and will demonstrate loading with the instructor doing it, not you, 
    until you get to the range. HGR FIREARMS have modern revolvers, western 
     revolvers, and semi- auto pistols for you to handle, load, unload in the 
     classroom, and THEN let you shoot them on the range?  Do they hand out the
     whole NRA Basic Pistol Student Packet ($17 value), and a 64 page
     Supplemental Packet ($4) ?   The higher your training package, the more training and the more books you get.  At certain levels you training becomes 1:5 ratio, and 1:1 ratio.  
The additional training gives you a better comfort level for your Carry Permit.
3.  If they do teach the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and NRA
      Classes, which of classes do they teach ? (Personal Protection,
      Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Reloading, Muzzleloading, Range Safety,  
      Women On Target, Refuse To Be A Victim)?
 HGR teaches all of these NRA Classes. We also teach intermediate & advanced
      level classes in handgun, shotgun, carbine, and rifle that are not NRA
      approved with Knox Tactical, however they will follow a set lesson plan, set
      goals, and are objective based performance drills give you the hands on
      experience that makes all the difference.
4. What is the class size limit?
We keep it small (20 or less) to give the personalized
      attention students want and need. This why we require PAYMENT PRIOR TO 
      CLASS.  If they just take your name and tell you "we'll squeeze you in" .. hang
      up.  With HGR you will pay by PayPal (no fees, no account necessary) and you
      will get a confirmation from PAYPAL and HGR FIREARMS, with a follow-up
      email with class information.  Some class levels offer 1:5 and 1:1 ratios with the               instructor.
5. What do they use for training aids? 
We use posters, video, dvd, and many hands on devices. You learn best by
     seeing, doing, and understanding.  The presentation is put on POWER
     In some classes, you also get the NRA Basic Pistol Text Book, several NRA Safety            handouts, and HGRF Supplemental 63 page handout.  My instructors all complain        about how many training aids they have to use in class.  This is for your benefit and
     follows this concept:
Repetition is the Mother of Skills and Learning.
6.  We want you to train on the gun you will carry.  While a .22 caliber
       is cheap to train on, it's NOT a good defense gun. 
HGR requires you to qualify on a minimu caliber of 380 or 38 ... you may also
     qualify with a 9mm, 357 magnum, 40 cal, 45 cal handgun.  No 44 magnums or
     larger, no 22 calibers. You to shoot as much as you want prior to
     COMPLETE THE TRAINING.  Here's why:  rent a gun from the range and shoot the course. 
7.  Once you get your carry permit, with HGR you can come back
       annually for refresher, at our cost, forever.  Our cost would mean
       updated Supplmental handout ($4), any ammo and range fee.

      We've added a Professional Series High Definition Video Camera, SLR, and GoPro cameras (instructor's option) to assist in your ADVANCED training. Seeing yourself practice allows us to guide you to a smoother procedure, faster learning, and builds your self confidence.
       We've added 5 SIRT Laser Trainer Pistols to help you under stand concepts like "sweeping",  trigger control, sight alignment, all while in the classroom.  Incidently, 3 of the SIRTS were $250 each, and the other 2 "deluxe" were $400 each. SIRT displays a red laser to show how smooth your trigger pull is, and a green laser to indicate where the bullet would hit if the trigger is jerked. It is also a great aid in teaching point shooting from the hip, mid-front, and below the eye extension shooting for advanced classes.  On top of that (Jul 2015) we've added the laser shot analysis software so you can see your hits while doing the classroom practice.  This software we can bring to your home or office to conduct your safe room, home defense, or office evacuation in the event hostilities find you there.
For those of us that carry, protect and serve or defend our nation, only one percent of our lives may involve actually pulling a trigger on another human being. The other 99 percent could be everything from taking your family out to dinner or all the way up to almost pulling the trigger on a battlefield in a war zone... Why do we care about training for that one percent so much? Simple: that one percent cannot go wrong. You can pick up the pieces from almost any other mistake in your life, except the one that ends that of yourself or a loved one. At HGR FIREARMS INSTRUCTION, we prepare people for that 1% moment, that moment that determines life or death of yourself, your loved ones, your friends, etc.
You may have AND SHOULD HAVE heard this TRUE statement in any firearms related training: YOU WILL resort to the LOWEST LEVEL of attained Skills during a stressfull event, such as a gunfight. That means if all you have trained for was the minimal training, such as the Carry Permit, your rote memory training, your life expectancy may reflect on your minimized training. HGR Firearms and KnoxTactical offers many areas of advanced training to make your skill level a 2nd nature, like riding a bike, like taking a shower, and like eating dinner. It will be natural. You will survive.
Note: We've invested thousands of hours in training and real life experiences as Green Beret, Deputy Sheriff, SWAT teammember, a NRA Training Counselors and NRA Instructors, and a lot of money to bring high quality presentations to you for learning. We encourge you to use our time together to excell.
You Get What You Pay For

Feel free to call 615 364 4359 for additional information.
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