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IDPA + USPSA = TONS OF FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

July 15, 2006 …. GALLATIN GUN CLUB today sponsored along with several Tennessee businesses (HGR included) an exciting pistol match. The primary goal was to raise money for Officer David Lao (Gallatin Police Officer) who is a victim of liver cancer. Officer Lao’s upbeat spirit and dedication is an inspiration to us all. He has a wife and 4 kids.

The match was a combination of IDPA and USPSA-IPSEC rules and setups, along with a shotgun stage. Over 40 participants plus a bunch of volunteers were on hand. Things such as food, water, drinks, and door prizes were donated for the worthy cause.

Combining the full laws of and policies of both major shooting organizations made for a lot of fun !!!!!! There was a lot of motion and a lot of shooting. The heat (98F) was felt but taken with great spirit as shooters poured their hearts, minds, and ammo out.

TOTAL MONEY BROUGHT IN: $3300.00 …….Outstanding !!!!!!!!!

I was saddened by the news that Officer Lao died about 10 days after this match. Our thoughts and prayers go to him and his family, and to the Law Enforcement Community. I know his spirit will be with them for a long time, as will the memories of all the lives he touched and made better....

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