HGR FIREARMS INSTRUCTION - CARRY PERMIT Classes, NRA Instructor Training Available
NRA Certification Course
     NRA Range Safety Officer is a 9 hour class designed to teach the student (Usually a range employee or NRA Firearms Instructor) the methods and procedures to conduct and manage a safe range environment.  Text book and brochures from the NRA are included in the minimal cost.
     This class is conducted in the classroom by a NRA Training Counselor (HGR has 2 TC's, Len Assante who does a great job with this class, and Greg Knox, owner of HGR/KnoxTactical), with portions on a range. There are firearms of assorted make, model, and type used in the class, however the student does not do any shooting (The Training Counselor may fire for demonstration purposes). 
     HGR Firearms maintains a list of applicant interest on file, and when we get enough on the list we set up a training date.  The class size varies, but we limit the class size to 30 students maximum. 
     Contact us to have your name places on the RSO Class notification.
PISTOL INSTRUCTOR CLASSES GIVE YOU NRA CERTIFICATION, WHICH IS REQUIRED FOR STATE TEACHING OF THE CARRY PERMITHGR NRA RSO ( RANGE SAFETY OFFICER ) COURSES offers this one day course where you learn how to manage shooters on and around the firing line.  CHIEF RSO is an additional class.
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